Push Up Bathing Suits

push up bathing suits Push Up Bathing SuitsIf you have small busts, push up bathing suits can save you a lot of time and trouble from browsing through stacks and stacks of swimwear which are beautiful but are created for women with larger cup sizes.

Having more volume at the top can also enhance your curves, make your belly and waist look slimmer, and give you more confidence at the beach.

Push-up style swim wears are available as one pieces, two pieces, and even as monokinis. Many push up bathing suits have extra removable pads which allow you to plump up or down as you want. These pads are inserted via the slits within the top. There are also available swimsuits in the market which can make your busts look naturally larger and shapelier without the need for props. You’ll see an example of a brand which sells this type of tops in the later sections of this article.

Push Up Bathing Suits and Other Tips For Women With Small Busts

Unless silicon-filled or puffed by pregnancy, not all women are lucky enough to have large, natural assets. So here are some other helpful guides to consider and look for when buying your next swimwear.

1. Use swimwear with padding. Preferably look for the ultra-thin ones, because the thick ones can look too unnatural. Besides, many bra insert absorb water and you don’t want to carry around too much water-induced weight in your chests. Take care to check the stability and the material of the pads too, since some may tend to move around and look lumpy.

2. Bikinis with ruffles are not only cute; they can also add that much needed volume. The flatter your busts are, the more ruffles your bathing suits must have. Don’t overdo it though, because you are going to the beach and not to some costume party where an avalanche of ruffles will be much more appreciated.

3. Underwires are multi-tasking. If you have large busts, they’ll do a good job in giving that extra support. Same for women with small busts, especially those in the A and B range. They can lift and further define your breast into a fuller, rounder shape. Choose carefully, because some underwire can end poking through your armpits by the end of your vacation. If you are not fond of metal underwire, then you can opt for the plastic ones.

4. Avoid swimwear which offer too much coverage because they can make you look smaller. Common sense also dictates that you stay away from bikini tops that are too big for your size, because you do not want them to float away when you are in the water.

5. It may be a wise decision to stay away from bandeau style swimsuits, especially those which have no pads. But if you are a fan of them, you can look for those which have padded cups or push-ups.

6. You should also pay attention to the color. Black and other dark-colored push up bathing suits can make your bust look smaller. Lighter colors are great and they also imbibe more of that funky summer aura. If you have small busts attached to wide hips, then you can use a light-colored top over dark bottoms. You can mix and match the bottoms and create individual looks for the beach.

Push Up Bathing Suits: The Voda Swim Connection

One push up fashion swimwear which has received rare reviews recently is Voda Swim’s Envy Push Up Line, which was created by international model Yulia Drummond.

Envy Push up bathing suits are created to enhance small bosom naturally without underwirings and pads. They can increase bust sizes to two cup sizes. A soft and supple enhancer supports the breasts, providing a full, shapely contour, and with a natural bouncy movement. Unlike other swimwear with pads, they retain less than a tablespoon of water, which makes wearing them more practical. They are also hardworking, and can keep up with you whether you are an active surfer or a beach ball fanatic.

Voda Swim’s Envy Push up line offers over 40 color choices in a variety of styles including string bikini, bandeau, monokini, ruffle bikini, shirred one pieces, tankini, and ruched lace bikini.

There are other brands in the market which you can also check out. One thing to remember is you don’t need to undergo surgery to add volume to your busts – push up bathing suits can do that at a lesser price and also, in a much safer way.

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